5 Questions with Ozdorp

Ozdorp is a producer based in the Netherlands, you can find his music here. 1. What do you do in the world of music? I produce electronic music with synth sounds made from scratch. I don’t necessarily hold on to a genre on beforehand. 2. Tell us about your history with synthesizers No experience with hardware, but I’m using Propellerhead … Read More

5 Questions with Ambiotic Project

Ambiotic Project is an American producer, you can find his music here 1. What do you do in the world of music? Right now, I am building up a large library of completed works to seek eventual sync-licensing anywhere I can find it, because it’s more about production for me than it is about performance. The biggest challenge for me … Read More

5 Questions with Stephen McNally

Stephen McNally is a producer, and definitely not the 1950s American actor. You can contact him through his website 1. What do you do in the world of music? Produce electronic rock under the name Smooth Sailing. 2. Tell us about your history with synthesizers Started messing around with DAWs and digital synths from 2002 onward but only stayed in … Read More

Synth News: April 2019

Nostalgia junkies, rejoice!The first ever techno album on a Sega Genesis cartridge is here.Order it, the cartridge comes in the mail, and all you have to do is pop it in your Genesis. Done. Meet the ZOIA: It’s a pedal. It’s a modular synth. It’s its own damn thing, and it’s pretty cool. Want to take a look inside a … Read More

5 Questions with Rich Vreeland

Today we’re kicking off a series we’re creatively calling “5 Questions” which is just that, 5 questions with Syntorial users about their music, work and Syntorial. Cool, huh? First up, Rich Vreeland, AKA Disasterpeace What do you do in the world of music? A little bit of everything – right now I’m working on a hybrid score for a film … Read More

Picking The Right Synth

There are soooooooo many synths nowadays. It’s overwhelming really. So I’m gonna help you boil it all down by telling you what does and doesn’t matter… Read More

Ten Steps To Becoming A Synth Dynamo

Through the development of Syntorial I’ve formed some pretty strong opinions when it comes to synthesis. So I figured I’d share them with the world in the form of a Top Ten List. I organized them into a Top Ten List because I once read that people like Top Ten Lists. So, assuming you’re not a dog or a woodland … Read More

Synth Patch Checklist

Option anxiety. It’s a struggle that we synthesists must toil with ’til the end of our days. Overwhelmed are we by these magnificent creatures and their many knobs, buttons, sliders and switches, vying for our attention all at once… Read More