5 Questions with Rich Vreeland


Today we’re kicking off a series we’re creatively calling “5 Questions” which is just that, 5 questions with Syntorial users about their music, work and Syntorial. Cool, huh?
First up, Rich Vreeland, AKA Disasterpeace

  • What do you do in the world of music?
    A little bit of everything – right now I’m working on a hybrid score for a film feature, and doing music, implementation and audio direction for a game project in Unreal Engine.


  • Tell us about your history with synthesizers
    It started as a kid with a toy casio, and then discovering the basic, single oscillator no filter synth that came with GarageBand back around 2003-04. I made a few albums with that before going off to Berklee College of Music where I enrolled in the Music Synthesis program and really started to familiarize myself with signal flow and synthesis concepts. I primarily learned on the Nord Modular G2 and the FM8 softsynth.


  • Tell us about a project you worked on or a piece of music you created, in which you found the process particularly interesting.
    I once wrote a piece of music only using variations on a single arpeggiated sequence. Sometimes it’s fun to minimize the effort in certain avenues of a project so that you can maximize your efforts elsewhere (in this case, production). reference.


  • How has Syntorial helped you in your sound design process?
    I’m always looking to cross reference my knowledge to see if I’d overlooked / forgot anything and Syntorial is a very thorough workbook and great reference. If I ever forget exactly how to do something fundamental with synths, chances are I can refer to it in Syntorial.


  • Who have you been listening to lately?
    I’ve been going back to artists I used to release music on the same label with about 10 years ago – artists like ilkae and The J. Arthur Keenes Band