Synth News: June 2019

Enner is a synth that uses your body as a patch cable, which they refer to as “Biological Connectivity”. This synth goes inside you. But not in that way (get your mind out of the gutter) MIDI Grid is a fun and free midi plugin that uses a 4-way pong/pinball game-like interface to generate random note patterns. Mine S is … Read More

Synth News: May 2019 v2

A plug-in for making whooshes. Just whooshes. Sounds gimmicky? We thought so to. But then we watched the video and we have to say it’s really well designed and looks like a ton of fun to program. And now we kinda want one Making music on a Macintosh Classic with Cubase 1.0. Take a trip down memory lane, or for … Read More

Synth News: May 2019

Who needs a tiny yet-powerful drum machine that you can fit in your pocket? YOU DO. Eurotrack meets cassette tape Electro-mechanical motor-powered synth. Gird your loins and feast your ears

Synth News: April 2019 v2

Aphex Twin lends his genius to a Bass Station II update Novation and Aphex Twin got together and added a cool new feature to the latest BS2 firmware update, that assigns different patches to each key. Great for glitchy, blip, aphexy stuff. New iOS Effect, FAC Bandit Slick new effect that splits your sound into three bands of frequencies, each … Read More