What's New in V2?


"Syntorial’s been out for 10 years. In that time I’ve learned so much from our incredibly engaged users, and refined my teaching approach through the development of other courses and curriculums. Syntorial 2.0 is the manifestation of everything I’ve learned, streamlined into a revamp of an already great synth course that I can’t wait for the world to experience."

Joe Hanley, creator of Syntorial

New Features in V2

Syntorial Synth Screenshot

Brand New Look

Feast your eyes on the new modernized and fully resizable User Interface.
Syntorial Visualizer

The Visualizer

Learn Modulation easier with the Visualizer, an intuitive visual animation showing how the Envelopes, LFO and Filter work in real-time.

Brand New Videos

Every Video Demonstration has been remade with better pacing and face-to-face guidance with Joe Hanley. Certain challenging topics like the Filter Envelope have been rethought with more detail and insight. And new info has been added to the On Your Own videos touching on more patch types and subtle sound design techniques.
Syntorial Nuanced Scoring and Remapped Parameters

Nuanced Scoring and Remapped Parameters

The new orange color introduces a layer of subtlety to the scoring system allowing for more realistic feedback. And several of the knobs and sliders' fixed values have been remapped to avoid differences that are too subtle to hear. Together, these two new features will help you move through the course with more consistent progress and less frustrating roadblocks.

Shorter Group Challenges and Bonus Rounds

Group Challenges have been shortened from 6 patches to 3, to help you move forward through the course. Still want the other 3? Enter the optional Bonus Round. And if you still want more practice...

The Randomizer

Launch any Challenge in Randomizer mode and Syntorial will randomly generate infinite new patches for you to recreate. Need more practice? Need to go back and review an old challenge? The Randomizer has you covered.

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