5 Questions with Ozdorp


Ozdorp is a producer based in the Netherlands, you can find his music here.

1. What do you do in the world of music?

I produce electronic music with synth sounds made from scratch. I don’t necessarily hold on to a genre on beforehand.

2. Tell us about your history with synthesizers

No experience with hardware, but I’m using Propellerhead Reason for about 18 years, which comes pretty close.

3. Tell us about a project you worked on or a piece of music you created, in which you found the process particularly interesting.

Most of the tracks I have produced were the result of experimenting with a diversity of synths, without really knowing what I was doing, sounddesign-wise. I was just turning knobs and making a long chain of effects until it sounded right, this process was the most interesting and fun part for me.The downside of this was that the quality of the end result was not so great. 

4. How has Syntorial helped you in your sound design process?

By following the Syntorial course I now know WHICH knobs to turn to achieve the sound I’m hearing in my head. Cleaner sounds to start with (or knowing HOW to tweak them) really helps to get a more professional-sounding end result.

5. Who have you been listening to lately?

Again, no particular genre, but to name a few: Nosferatu (Hardcore), Meshuggah (Metal), Pythius (Drum and Bass)

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