5 Questions with Nicholas Sibley

I’m Nicholas Sibley.  I’m 28 and I live in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  I started playing drums at 13 years old and knew within 6 months of taking lessons that I wanted to be a musician for the rest of my life.  For a long time I only wanted to be a drummer, but as I got older and learned other … Read More

5 Questions with Ken Bauer

Swedish producer Ken Bauer is currently pushing his way into the spotlight with a string of House & EDM releases. You can find his music here. 1. What do you do in the world of music? I produce EDM & Electro House music and I also teach music production classes. 2. Tell us about your history with synthesizers My first … Read More

Synth News: June 2019

Enner is a synth that uses your body as a patch cable, which they refer to as “Biological Connectivity”. This synth goes inside you. But not in that way (get your mind out of the gutter) MIDI Grid is a fun and free midi plugin that uses a 4-way pong/pinball game-like interface to generate random note patterns. Mine S is … Read More