5 Questions with Mike Huckaby

Welcome to our second ever “5 questions” piece, which we’ve only realized is really 3 questions and 2 instances of demanding information from these lovely producers who have graciously accepted to be interviewed. This week, it’s Mike Huckaby’s turn. Website Soundcloud What do you do in the world of music? I’m a DJ, producer, remixer, sound designer, and educator. All … Read More

5 Questions with Rich Vreeland

Today we’re kicking off a series we’re creatively calling “5 Questions” which is just that, 5 questions with Syntorial users about their music, work and Syntorial. Cool, huh? First up, Rich Vreeland, AKA Disasterpeace What do you do in the world of music? A little bit of everything – right now I’m working on a hybrid score for a film … Read More