Patch remake: “So Familia” by Kahn, Commodo and Gantz


In this new series, I’ll show you how I recreate patches that have been requested in the Syntorial Forum.

We’re kicking off with “So Familia” by Kahn, Commodo and Gantz, which is a fairly simple, rhodes-esque patch.


Oscillator: Saw

Filter: Low Pass 24 dB, with a little Drive, and Key Tracking enabled. Bring the Cutoff down until you get the desired roundness.

Amp Envelope: Create a piano shape by bringing the Sustain down and setting the Decay and Release to medium long, around 1.2 seconds.

Velocity: Route it to volume, and play the higher repeating note louder than the lower notes. Also, if your synth allows, route the velocity to the Amp Envelope attack as well. Set the Attack to around 120 ms, and then set the Velocity modulation amount to a negative value that brings the Attack down to zero. Now, the harder notes (higher velocity) will have a sharper attack transient, and softer notes will have a softer attack transient.

NOTE: if you can’t route velocity to amp attack, instead create a second copy of the patch for the lower notes, and set their amp attack to around 120 ms.

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Today’s patch remake is from “So Familia” by Khan, Commodo and Gantz it’s this kind of Rhodes-y, sort of electric piano-style patch. Here it is: And here is the remake: It’s a pretty simple patch, though there is something interesting going on with the velocity.

Let’s get the basic sound set up first let’s bring up another copy of Serum this one is from scratch Let’s bring in our filter. Now, we want the higher note to be brighter than the lower notes, and if you look at the notes you see there’s this B. It just repeats over and over again while these notes play underneath. We want that to be brighter than the others so… turn on our key tracking for the filter adjust the cut off Yeah! And now our B is a little bit brighter than those lower notes.

Next let’s get our envelope, our amp envelope shape in order so it’s kind of like a piano-style you know, fading tone but it’s got a bit of a longer fade than your average piano. So, let’s bring our sustain down and then increase our decay a little bit. Match with the release There we go. it looks shorter. And jumping back to the filter for a second, I want to increase the drive let’s bring a little warmth into this patch There we go.

Nice! Now that’s basically the tone here. Really simple patch and i love these simple patches that have a nice vibe without having to do much. However, there’s variation in it, variation of the volume and variation in the attack, so we’re going to bring in velocity for that. That’s really going to bring in this nice subtle texture that makes it less rigid-

So first off, let’s route our velocity to our volume that’s very typical and now, you’ll see if we go back to the notes over here you’ll see that all these high repeating Bs repeating b’s have a higher velocity they’re being played harder than the lower notes, which have a lower velocity. So we want this higher note to be brighter now with velocity routed to our volume, that B is really sticking out now. but along with that just louder volume, I feel like those higher notes, those higher Bs have a bit of a stronger attack, a more pointed attack transient.

So, what we can do here in Serum is, we can allow–we can route the velocity to our amp attack. So here’s how i want the lower notes to sound. I’m going to increase the amp attack. I want them to sound kind of like this All right? this little… yeah but only the lower notes I don’t want the upper notes to sound that way. So, because I’m playing the upper notes harder, I’m going to route velocity to the attack, I’m going to create negative modulation.

Okay, so what this means now, is the harder i hit the–the harder I hit the key Right? as the velocity increases my modulation amount will bring the attack down. That’s what the negative modulation amount is doing. So the harder I hit a key, the lower the attack will be. The softer I hit a key, the higher the attack will be. So those high Bs have a point on them but the lower notes kind of ease in. All right? it’s really nice So now the patch is way less rigid. You know let’s compare, actually… I’m going to bypass all the destinations. Here’s what it sounded like before Now let’s bring it back in All right? Ah! velocity really gave it some life.

Now if you have a patch request you’d like to see me remake, head over to our forum, post a topic there with the link to the youtube video also if you’re good at remaking patches like this, I could always use your help look through the forum and help other people out answer their questions and make suggestions