Synth Spotlight: Spire


You know you’re always emailing me about making videos covering specific synth models and I’m always like “yeah, maybe later” or “that’s not a synth, that’s a calculator sir”?

Well those days are over: here is the first ever video in our new Synth Spotlight series where we will -you guessed it- spotlight synths! Again with the creative naming here.

First up: Spire. We’ll be covering:

  • Wavetable integration
  • HardFM
  • Super Saw unison
  • Analog/Digital/Hybrid Filters
  • Shaper Filter
  • Roland-style Chorus
  • X-Comp
  • EQ Character
  • Envelope Slope Time/Level
  • LFO Waveform Morphing
  • Weird LFO shapes
  • Stepper

If you have any questions or if you want to join the discussion, head on over to our forum, just please stop it with the calculator requests. I beg you.