5 Questions with Mike Huckaby


Welcome to our second ever “5 questions” piece, which we’ve only realized is really 3 questions and 2 instances of demanding information from these lovely producers who have graciously accepted to be interviewed. This week, it’s Mike Huckaby’s turn.


  • What do you do in the world of music?
    I’m a DJ, producer, remixer, sound designer, and educator. All in that order too.


  • Tell us about your history with synthesizers
    I bought my first synthesizer back in 1987. It was a Yamaha dx 100, shortly followed by a Roland Juno 106


  • Tell us about a project you worked on or a piece of music you created, in which you found the process particularly interesting.
    I created My Life with the Wave vol 1 and vol 2, solely using 1 synthesizer, the Waldorf Wave. That taught me how to properly utilize a synthesizer. Because 1 synth is possible of giving you all the sounds in all frequency ranges to finish a song. People don’t relate themselves to gear like that these days.


  • How has Syntorial helped you in your sound design process?
    Syntorial has sharpened my ear ridiculously! Syntorial is crucial for any producer using synthesizers! I am still not finished with all of the lessons. But when it had me differentiate between a thin and wide pulse wave setting, i knew that it was the real deal. I think it is a fundamental learning exercise in terms of programming a synth, and creating electronic music. I just wish it was around when I was coming up.


  • Who have you been listening to lately?
    Lots of Jazz, and studying chord progressions. I’ve been looking at a lot of Robert Glasper piano tutorials lately, and studying 8 note chord voicings. I try to take apart a record sometimes. Especially when I’m listening to Ron Trent and Glenn Underground.