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  • Antonio Nobregaantonionobrega

    Thank you Mstaicu, I will check it out when I have time.

    Antonio Nobregaantonionobrega

    Hi Joe, thank you for responding. There are just a few problems, one is that I don’t have serum, and another is that I haven’t learned the technical part of music production yet (using effects, mixing and mastering) I am still learning piano and learning synthesis with syntorial.

    So I am not too familiar with compression yet.

    However, I have tried to recreate what you have done by using the ableton live 8 stock plugins and sylenth1, but I was not able to find an equivalent parameter to the high, mid and low percentages that you refered to from serum’s multiband compressor in ableton live’s multiband Dynamics compressor and also I am not sure what distortion type I should use from sylenth1 to get the same effect, and what parametr values I must dial in from any distortion you recommend from “if you recommend any”.

    I have sent some screenshots of what I have done so far in the attachments.

    Could you please explain how to get the sound with ableton live 8 and sylenth1 or any synth/effect that I own (sylenth1, fm8, massive, absynth5, guitar rig 5,supercharger compressor, rp-distort cm, ableton’s analog and operator,reaktor5 and an old version of arturia minimoog v)?

    Or if I am recreating it correctly so far could you explain what I must do to finish off recreating the sound?