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    Hey Joe, sorry for taking a while to get back to this.

    But I’ve made another attempt on the lead sound, but this time with adding RM from a thin pulse waveform, to a triangle waveform, yet I am still struggling to achieve the main tone of the sound. I have also experimented with FM, and achieved very similar results to what I got with RM.

    Perhaps this sound is too hard to replicate, but I would appreciate any advice on how I could get a clsoer result to that tone that I’m interested in. It would be helpful if you could possibly suggest the waveforms and the FM/RM amount that was used.

    My attempt:

    In reply to: PATCH REQUEST: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This – Eurythmics

    October 15, 2018 at 1:02 am #20865

    So here is my attempt:

    This isn’t perfect, but it’s my own attempt without looking at Joe’s suggestions.

    Also, I’ll be trying to keep up with the weekly patches on here as it’ll be nice to establish reverse engineering into a weekly routine. Thanks for doing this Joe!