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    October 12, 2018 at 2:42 pm #20816
    Conor Teahanconorteahan

      Thanks for the very thorough run down Joe. I don’t have Serum but I will see if I can achieve your settings with another synth, maybe Thor…

      At the time I posted this question, I had 2 weeks to go before performing a cover of the song live. I had spent about a month immersed in the song, reading interviews with and watching videos of the Eurythmics performing at the time. I scoured the Internet for information about how the song was recorded and which synths were used, a topic of much debate. It seems the most reliable accounts say it was a Juno 60 and SH-09, or an OBX, or….?

      The actual parts played are even a bit tricky to work out but I got there by listening to each side in turn and copying them.

      In the end, I used my Circuit to approximate the sounds. Actually, although I wanted to get close to the authentic sound, I still wanted it to feel a bit more modern.

      I performed the piece live on stage with 3 vocalists at a 40th Birthday party to a very enthusiastic and packed dancefloor, using Ableton and my Circuit, with the solo played on Arturia Solina V – not authentic but I liked the sound! And yes, it takes that many singers to reproduce Annie Lennox!

      This has inspired us to take on more such songs, so we are now becoming an 80’s synthpop covers band!

      Here’s the song, ignore my vocals, that was just a guide for the singers to learn their parts.

      Thanks again Joe, I’m going to have another go at this. And looking forward to other replies too!

      In reply to: PATCH REQUEST: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This – Eurythmics

      September 17, 2018 at 10:34 am #20180
      Conor Teahanconorteahan

        My apologies, I just realised the quality of that video is terrible! Here’s a better one: