• October 14, 2020 at 9:25 am #37953
    Pedro AyalaPedroaya2


      I need your help getting this bass line out, and obviously the patch starts from the beginning of the song. min 2-16 seems to open the cut or maybe automate some part of the envelope. Anyone know how to achieve this bass sound and maybe someone can also draw the sequence that is confusing me

      October 23, 2020 at 10:17 am #38081
      Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

        Try this:

        Oscillator: Two of them, both Saws, one octave apart. 5-6 voice Unison with enough Detune to smear, but not be aggressively pitchy. Make the Unison wide.

        Filter: 24dB Lowpass. Bring the Cutoff down to make a pretty round sound. Give it a decent amount of Res for later in the song.

        LFO 1: 16th note Saw wave routed to both Oscillator Volume and Filter Cutoff. This will create the “sequence” by playing 16th notes while you hold the key(s) down. In the beginning of the song the filter modulation amount is very little, but around the 2 min mark the the mod amount becomes much higher creating a bigger and brighter sound. This is where the filter’s Resonance starts to matter so you can adjust it now. Also, if your synth lets you, curve the Saw upward so it’s more like a hump instead of a steady slope, to create a fatter sound.

        LFO 2: 1/4 note Triangle wave routed to the overall volume. And set it so that it starts at the bottom of the triangle wave. Now each beat will start quiet, become loudest on LFO 1’s third 16th, and then go back down in volume for the last 16th. If your synth allows, curve the initial upward ramp of the triangle wave down so that the first two 16ths from LFO 1 are quiet and the 3rd becomes suddenly loud.

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