January 16, 2020 at 12:38 pm #32094

Ok, makes sense. Thanks Joe!

I have another question.

I asked a question about cents a while back. If Osc1(a), Osc2(a), and SubOsc(a) has +3 Cents, then Osc1(b), Osc2(b), Subosc(b) has -3 cents, then Osc1(c), Osc2(c), and SubOsc(c) has +1.5 cents and Osc1(d), Osc2(d), and SubOsc(d) will have -1.5 cents. Do I keep halving the cents as I add voices? So Osc1(e), Osc2(e), and SubOsc(e) will have +0.75 cents and Osc1(f), Osc2(f), and SubOsc(f) will have -0.75 cents? I’d appreciate any help. I probably worded all of this in a convoluted way, I apologize.