July 12, 2019 at 7:03 am #28190
Chris StannardChris Stannard

    Attached is a sample of what I was playing around with using Korg’s Legacy Collection Mono/Poly.

    Started the sound design on the iOs app on a break at work, but sadly while it can import patches from the older computer version, it won’t export out, so I had to manually copy the settings one knob at a time.

    Below is a screenshot of what I’m working with, however for the audio sample below I actually have three instances of the plugin running, all with the same settings, but slightly different detunes on each oscillator, and panned quite wide (Synth 1 centre, Synth 2 50% left, Synth 3 50% right) for some extra spread.

    The fourth oscillator from each instance is tuned to about an octave above the rest, to give it a little more brightness than I was getting, while still maintaining a pretty dark sound over all (fitting the track I’m working on)

    Obviously not as powerful as the one in the video above, but the two guys behind Gentech (Scot Project/Mark Sherry) have been at this game for decades and probably know every trick in the book.

    Going to continue to play, pretty sure my Skulpt has some tricks up it’s sleeve, and Massive X’s “Avenger” preset sounds pretty awesome, especially once you swap in the Blue Monark filter…