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    chrisstannardChris Stannard

    Hey all,

    Looking to try to recreate the lead patch(es?) from Gentech – Feel My Love.

    Typical harder trance style melody lead

    First one drops in about 2:17, filter cut off is quite low, sounds almost bubbly, but as the filter opens up there’s a lot more going on.

    3:55 comes in the other sound I’m looking for – might be the same patch as above, but as it sounds pretty similar, just playing longer notes – 4:22 has it been layered with another synth, or the same just an octave higher?

    Thanks in advance.

    June 28, 2019 at 6:59 am #27852
    joehanleyJoe Hanley


    I think both patches are the same. The key ingredient is tons of unison voices. I used Spire to do the following:

    Oscillators: 4 oscillators total
    – Osc 1-3: Saw wave, 9 voice unison, with the unison detune amount turned up to where it juuuuust starts to sound a little out of tune. This detune amount will give you the aggression you’re looking for. Also max out the Unison width so we get a big wide sound. Then detune Osc 2’s overall Fine pitch down a bit, and Osc 3’s up a bit. Now you effectively have a giant 27-voice unison. FACE. MELTED.
    – Osc 4: White noise. Pitch it up 4 octaves and high pass it. We just want really high, hissy white noise. Also apply the same unison settings as Osc 1-3 to get a big wide sound. And dial up the volume so that it’s very audible, but blends into the other saw oscillators

    Filter: High Pass, 12 dB slope. Turn up the cutoff just enough to take some of the frump off the bottom.

    Amp Envelope: Bring the Sustain down pretty far, and make the Decay fast. Then bring the overall volume up to compensate for the volume lost with the low Sustain. Now we have strong attack transient.

    Distortion: Dial in just a little bit of aggressive clip-style distortion. It’ll fight with the pulsating unison voices, and make it a bit angry. Don’t go over board here. Just a tad.

    Reverb: Big size, pretty wet. Dampen it to remove some highs, so that only the body echos throughout the caverns.

    Compression: Spire’s X-Comp knob is brilliantly simple. I just turned it up halfway and it squeezes the sound, making it even more aggressive. But any compressor will do. Just bring down the threshold until it starts to tighten up.

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    June 29, 2019 at 3:53 am #27874
    chrisstannardChris Stannard

    Thanks for your in-depth reply.

    I don’t own Spire, but it’s given me plenty of ammunition to try in something I do own. Thanks again.

    Will try to post some results

    July 4, 2019 at 9:09 am #28078
    joehanleyJoe Hanley

    Will try to post some results

    Please do!

    July 12, 2019 at 7:03 am #28190
    chrisstannardChris Stannard

    Attached is a sample of what I was playing around with using Korg’s Legacy Collection Mono/Poly.

    Started the sound design on the iOs app on a break at work, but sadly while it can import patches from the older computer version, it won’t export out, so I had to manually copy the settings one knob at a time.

    Below is a screenshot of what I’m working with, however for the audio sample below I actually have three instances of the plugin running, all with the same settings, but slightly different detunes on each oscillator, and panned quite wide (Synth 1 centre, Synth 2 50% left, Synth 3 50% right) for some extra spread.

    The fourth oscillator from each instance is tuned to about an octave above the rest, to give it a little more brightness than I was getting, while still maintaining a pretty dark sound over all (fitting the track I’m working on)

    Obviously not as powerful as the one in the video above, but the two guys behind Gentech (Scot Project/Mark Sherry) have been at this game for decades and probably know every trick in the book.

    Going to continue to play, pretty sure my Skulpt has some tricks up it’s sleeve, and Massive X’s “Avenger” preset sounds pretty awesome, especially once you swap in the Blue Monark filter…


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