Master synthesis and start bringing the sounds you hear to life


(Includes free upgrade to 2.0)


  • The Essentials

    199 lessons that take you through 147 videos, 145 challenges, and 39 quizzes. You'll learn how to program over 700 patches. And best of all, what you learn in Syntorial can be applied to most synths

  • Additional Lesson Packs

    Download free add-on Lesson Packs for popular synths like Serum, Massive, Sylenth1, and more. The packs will take everything you learn in the Essentials, and show you how to apply it to these amazing synths, as well as cover their many additional features and parameters. Learn more...

  • Primer - Synth Plugin

    We've taken the synth used in Syntorial and made it available as a VST/AU plugin for Mac, PC, and iPad. We call it Primer, and it enables you to take the very synth you're mastering in Syntorial, and use it in your day-to-day music making process. Learn more...

  • Compatible with Mac, PC, and iPad

    Pay once, and get Syntorial on up to 3 platforms. Sync your progress between devices using Dropbox, and you'll be able to learn at home and on the go.

  • Immediate Download after Purchase

Available in Spanish (Español)


Yes. For two reasons:

  1. Our users say so. Check out these testimonials.
  2. With Syntorial you’re not simply buying an app, you’re also buying a ton of content. Between the Essential Lessons and the additional Lesson Packs (included with your purchase) you get 352 videos, 129 challenges, and 706 patches. Not to mention a synth plugin. Not to mention an amazing interactive experience that takes all of that content and surgically weaves it into your hungry, music-addled brain. 🙂