Morgan Page

“Syntorial is an excellent resource for learning and mastering synthesis. It’s really important to understand the fundamentals that are often lost in today’s YouTube tutorials. I’m using it to re-learn synthesis and get a better grasp of concepts I missed along the way.” – Morgan Page, Two-Time Grammy Nominee

Mike Huckaby

“Where was this program when i was trying to learn synthesis ? This program is the most cutting edge method to learn synthesis. Highly recommended. It even tightened my shit up.” – Mike Huckaby

Carlos A

“I’m learning a lot with syntorial. Over the years I tried several times to get into synths. With syntorial I’ve finally started to develop a proper intuition for each parameter.” – Carlos A.

Steve S.

“I just wanted to get in touch to say how amazing this product is. As someone who’s done a degree in musical composition with technology, spent the last 15 years playing around with synths, reading Sound On Sound magazine, and trying to get my head around the basic of acoustic physics, it’s by far and away the most inclusive learning experience I’ve ever had in subtractive synthesis.” – Steve S.

Steve S.

“I just want to say, I am absolutely DELIGHTED with Syntorial…am constantly thrilled to hear sounds I’m familiar with, and then learn how to make them. I can’t explain how happy this makes me…the structure of this tutorial is just perfect.” – Kristina B.

Nick T

“So the first few lessons have already helped me more than the hundreds of YouTube tutorials I’ve already watched. I can’t wait to get deeper into the lessons 🙂 This style of learning is very addictive, which is just the thing I’ve been needing – a very positive and inspiring distraction to all my issues. It really is like having personal one on one training in sound design.” – Nick T.

Jimmy F

“I bought Syntorial as soon as I woke up this morning, and it has been everything I could possibly have hoped so far! Playing through even the early videos about stuff that I already know has provided some great new perspectives on the topics covered.” – Jimmy R.

Rob F

“I only finally got around to playing with this earlier today and seriously freaking loved it. It’s even better in practice than it was as an idea. I don’t think I really have much other feedback, probably because I’m not a keyboardist. But as a non-keyboardist I thought it was informative and helpful and easy to use.” – Rob F.

Todd B

“This is one excellent program — great work!!” – Todd B.

Mark V

“This is great! I’m finally feeling that I’m going to gain control of my software synths rather than the “twiddle and hope” approach I adopt most of the time!” – Mark V.

Jason Z

“Learning a lot–just trying to remind myself to take the time, as I’ve been busy with other work lately and this is more of a hobby.  Even the free lessons, however, gave me the keys that I never found in the cookbooks and manuals that I had tried for years up to now.  I feel like I can finally decipher the faces of my soft- and hardware synths.” – Jason Z.

Stephan P

“Syntorial is the perfect way to learn subtractive Synthesis! I’ve been reading all about the theory in blogs and arcticles for a long time, but as a bassplayer I’m used to trust my ears and transcribe basslines and the way it’s been played by listening to the records. Now I’ve finally found a way to expand that and get all the juicy bass sounds I can find – from old school Funk to modern Electronica – and a lot more. Thank you so much for that!” – Stephan P.

Fabrizio I

“I find it very complete but at the same time simple. You made it with the right proportion between theory and practice. I find have progressed more with your lessons than with years of youtubing and nonsense tweaking in logic. I also think it has helped me not only with synth skills but also inspired me as a musician in general because now I can clearly recognize intervals during piano and guitar lessons due to the intense ear training made with your program. Last but not the least it helped me with guitar effect and amp setting due to the fact that I feel more sensitive about what I’m tweaking instead of being too mental or dogmatic.” – Fabrizio I.


“Syntorial is the most direct route between hearing a sound in your head and knowing how to bring it to life.” – Electronic Musician Magazine

“The most comprehensive and fun tool for learning synthesizer programming, hands down.” – Keyboard Magazine

“The best training in synth sound-design we’ve come across.” – MusicTech Magazine



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“In all of my research, I haven’t found another piece of software that teaches synthesis as well as Syntorial.  It moves at a great pace, and the logical sequence of the lessons truly trains the ears to hear the slight differences in tone when adjusting the various parameters.  It is the perfect tool for anyone looking to increase their understanding of the complex world of sound design.” – Keith Hancock, 2017 Grammy Music Educator of the Year