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    Richard MillerRmiller91

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVZpHFXcFJw [ True damage – Giants ]

    Hey everyone,

    Love the look of the forum

    Synth appears at 13 seconds (Sounds like strings)

    2nd synth – the heavy bass at the same time stamp.

    EXTRA BONUS POINTS: 2:13 any ideas on bass, glitch and cool metallic effect

    Thanks for your help! Really appreciate any help

    Looking for some information on how to craft this

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    Richard MillerRmiller91
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    Richard MillerRmiller91
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    Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

    Sorry for the delayed response on this! Try starting with this:


    Oscillator: Saw wave. 3-voice unison with mild detune (just enough to smear the sound) and narrow width.

    Amp Envelope: Quick attack, around 50 ms. This creates that bowed sound.

    Filter: Low Pass, 24 dB. Bring the cutoff down far enough to take the bright edge off the top, but still allow for a bright string-like timbre. Boost the res a bit to narrow the tone. Then crank the Filter’s drive. If there is no drive you can try adding a warm overdrive effect.

    Reverb: We’re going for mild ambience here, making it sound a bit like it’s in a room. So a very small size, and just a little wet.

    Panning: It sounds like it’s jumping around a bit, though it’s hard to hear due to the dense mix. Try routing the LFO to panning and experiment with it.


    It sounds like a distorted sub bass. Try a saw wave, through a 24 dB Low Pass filter, with the cutoff way down to create a sub bass. Then crank the Drive as high as you can. This will bring out that warm saturation. Then turn up the amp attack a little bit. I think it has some of that same bowed vibe as the string patch.

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    Richard MillerRmiller91

    Thanks so much for the reply. I’ll give it a go later when I get home.


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