• May 13, 2020 at 9:11 am #35111

    Hi there,

    happy to learn with Syntorial and improve my Skills with synthesis! Currently I am trying to apply the basic insights of syntorial with other Plugins and Synthesizer to fully understand how it can be applied.

    While I am using the app I have my Deepmind 6 next to me and try to recreate the sounds with the Deepmind 6 controls. I totally get that all synthesizer slightly differ from each other, however I wondered how I could recreate the Filter Envelope from Lesson 5.

    The Deepmind has an analogue VCF and I can control VCO ADSR, Filter Frequency (which I consider to be similar as the Cutoff), Resonance, Envelope (I guess only linked to the LFO Level), LFO Level (linked to two separate LFOs with Rate and Delay Time Settings) and “Keyboard”. It appears the Envelope cannot be linked to the Cutoff, only to the VCF LFO Level.

    Is there a workaround similar to how the Filter Envelope is used in Syntorial?

    Thanks a bunch!

    Best wishes!


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