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    Hello everyone.

    I am the happy owner of the full verison of syntorial, just bought it today xD
    I have been using the demo before, so I know what I can I get out of it.

    But I have a weird problem with it now, that I have not experienced before. Every time the software plays a sound, there can be heard (it’s not every time, but kind of close) a unwanted cracking like noise, that I really think shouldn’t be there.

    I have send my feedback/bug report though the in-app option, but I think the developer have his hands full with everything, since it is black Friday today.

    Therefore I ask this forum for help, in hope that you guys and girls, maybe now how to fix this problem.

    I have to point out, that this software is the first place I have had this problem. I tried both my table speakers and my headset (as you also can see in the recording), but it doesn’t change anything at all. I tried to install the newest verison of my sound drivers, but that also didn’t helped.

    Here is a short recording of the problem, that is placed on youtube:

    here are my specs, just in case it helps find the problem faster:
    Windows 10 pro – 64 bit
    4ddr ram: 32 GB
    cpu: intel i7-6800k
    Gpu: gtx 970
    mobo: ROG STRIX X99 GAMING

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    Alexander ZieglerAlexander Ziegler

      Thank you Joe, that worked. I wish you a good day.

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