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    Loek BakkerLocalTrack19

    I am halfway through Syntorial, and it is EXCELLENT! I am applying what I learn in a remake of 80s classic Wouldn’t it be Good by Nik Kershaw. There is a very intriguing sound in the interlude (at around 2:40), it’s an arpeggio / water drop kind of sound effect. Maybe it will still come in Syntorial, but if anyone can give a clue how I can create such a patch I would be very grateful. Thanks!

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    Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

    Try this:

    Oscillator 1: Square wave

    Oscillator 2: Square wave, and raise the pitch 7 semitones.

    Amp Envelope: Sustain at 0, and a really fast Decay/Release, around 100 ms to create a really tight pluck.

    Filter: Lowpass, 24 dB. Bring the Cutoff pretty far down to create a really round sound, boost the Res a ton, and the modulate the Cutoff with…

    Filter Envelope: Same settings as the Amp Envelope. and a hefty modulation amount so that the sound becomes really bright again. This really fast filter decay with a lot of Res will create that plucky water-drop sound. You’ll have to tweak all of the settings to get just the right interplay between them so feel free to experiment.

    Delay: It sounds like the main sound is in the left channel, and a delay is in the right. So I’m guessing they did this in the mixing stage, by panning the sound far left, and then routing part of it to another channel panned far right with delay on it. But you may be able to do it all in a Stereo Delay if you mess with the settings enough. This will require some experimentation.

    Playing: This was probably done with a sequencer. So you could simply click the notes into the piano roll in your DAW. Very high pitches, going down a scale (My quick guess was an Eb Major Pentatonic).

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    Loek BakkerLocalTrack19

    Works great, thanks Joe!

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