• January 6, 2022 at 9:40 am #46489
    Marlon OrdonezMarlon Ordonez


      Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

      I find getting the patches for chapter 4 very challenging. I’m not sure how to keep practicing for this. Should I just keep repeating chapter 4 lessons until I start passing them?

      I still struggle between Pulse and Saw waves, it’s not always clear to me, and identifying the pulse width of the waves is also hard.

      Did anyone else struggle with this? How did you overcome it?

      Please and thank you so much!

      January 14, 2022 at 9:56 am #46691
      Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

        Hi Marlon

        Others do struggle with this. It’s really a matter of repetition to help your ear really grasp the differences.

        I will say the higher pitches are harder to distinguish. Like a thin Pulse and Saw when played very high are really similar. So if the patch is playing back at a higher pitch, I recommend stopping playback and trying out pitches in the mid and low ranges.

        I would move forward and see how things go as you progress. If you find that you’re passing challenges with 1-2 stars, keep going. However, if you’re unable to pass challenges because of these waveforms, go back to chapter 4 and run it again to help re-familiarize your ear.

        Side note: in the 2.0 update coming out later this year we’re adding a Randomizer feature that will randomly generate new patches within any lesson. It’s designed specifically for issues like this, where you get stuck on a particular lesson. It will allow you to keep practicing the same lesson, but with new patches, as opposed to repeating the same patches over and over.

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