• May 5, 2020 at 5:27 pm #34988

    Can anyone help me recreate this synth?

    I’m running Massive, so assistance mainly based around Massive would be especially appreciated but I’m fine with receiving any advice on how to recreate this patch!

    Thank you!

    May 28, 2020 at 9:22 am #35390
    joehanleyJoe Hanley

    Sorry for the delayed response!

    I love simple patches that have a lot of personality. This is one of them. Try this:

    Oscillator: Sine

    Amp Envelope: Bump the Attack up a bit for a really subtle and quick little fade in at the beginning of each note.

    Pitch Envelope: Set the envelope amount to about 6 semitones. Then set a medium Attack to create that upward-sliding pitch bend at the beginning of each note. Then bring the Sustain level down just a little below the maximum level and set a medium-long Decay. The goal here is that when you play a short chord you should hear the pitch bend up to the destination note and if you play a slightly longer note, you’ll hear that pitch very subtly start to fall back down a bit. You’ll have to really experiment with the envelope stages to get it.

    Also keep in mind that the perceived pitch of each note will be at the top of the envelope, which is 6 semitones above the actual pitch you’re playing, so you’ll have to transpose down 6 semitones. So for example, the first chord in this song is Gb Major. But in order to “hear” a Gb Major chord, you’d have to play a C Major chord.

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