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    I think this is done with FM synthesis, which gives it that metallic quality. You’ll need two layers for this. One for the metallic sound, and a sub bass for the solid bottom end:

    LAYER 1: Metallic FM – You’ll need a synth with FM capabilities. Primer has it, but so does Serum, and others.

    Oscillator: The Modulator (modulating oscillator) and the Carrier (destination oscillator) should both be sine waves. Set the modulator’s pitch up 2 octaves (or 2:1 in FM terms). Boost the FM amount a bit, and then modulate the FM amount with…

    FM Amount Envelope: Medium decay, around 500ms. Generous modulation amount so that each note starts with a bright metallic sound.

    Amp Envelope: Set the Sustain to 0, and set a medium Decay and Release, about 1200 ms.

    Chorus: Smear the sound the a bit. Tweak the settings, but you want a medium rate, fairly heavy wetness.

    Reverb: Very small, and a little wet. Make it sound like it’s in a basement

    LAYER 2: Sub Bass. This is the dry solid low end.

    Oscillator: Sine

    Amp Envelope: Same as Layer 1

    Volume: Turn it up until you hear a nice solid low end underneath layer 1.

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