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    clifford boulwareclifford boulware


    I was wondering how to go about creating a similar type of patch to that digital modulating pad reminiscent of a cell phone. It plays throughout the song but you can hear it without the lyrics at around 2:57 in the instrumental.

    From what I can tell, it appears to be created using FM synthesis perhaps by modulating the cutoff and drenching the patch in delay and reverb. I’m not sure though.

    Also, could something like this patch be created in U-he Diva using the digital oscillators or would it be something that would be done in a primarily FM synth like FM8?


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    Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

    I think FM is the best way to get that tone. I find higher pitch ratios work best to get that kind of shiny-bell-like tone.

    And you could high-pass or band-pass it to make it a bit “cheaper” sounding, to get that cell phone effect.

    While I would go the FM route for this sound, you can come close with subtractive oscillators, like the ones you find in Diva. Try stacking two square waves, with the second square up an octave + some number of semitones (I like 7). Then mix it so the higher octave is quieter than the lower one. This will create an upper harmonic that’s somewhat reminiscent of what FM does. Then high-pass for cheapness, and low pass some of the top end off so it’s not buzzy, and then drench it in delay and reverb

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    clifford boulwareclifford boulware

    Thank you so much for your reply, Joe!!

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