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    Hi folks. I’ve been trying to deconstruct this for the past few days. He uses a Prophet 08, and I think there may be three or four osc layers – one of which I’m almost certain is a saw. The whole thing sounds like it’s been put through a reverb along the lines of Valhalla’s Shimmer, maybe?

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    joehanleyJoe Hanley

    Beautiful sound design. These dense evolving pads are always difficult to re-create. But I hear two distinct layers. Try starting with something like this:

    LAYER 1: Warm Foundation

    Osc: Saw

    Filter: Low Pass, 24 dB. Turn the Cutoff down until you get the roundness to match the main, round, warm sound that starts at the very beginning. Boost the Resonance to create a hollow point in the mids. You may have to tweak the keyboard tracking as these chords are big and you want an even brightness across the range. Try setting it to about halfway.

    Amp Envelope: Long Attack (about 1 second). Even longer Release (around 5 seconds).

    Chorus: Slow and wide. This will soften the sound, spread it out, and add some movement.

    Reverb: Big Hall. Very wet. I went with 100% wetness.

    LAYER 2: Bright Strings. I think this may be an orchestra sample run through some effects. But you can approximate with a synth:

    Osc: Pulse Wave set to a medium pulse. Make it lusher by using a 3 voice unison (or 3 duplicated and detuned oscillators). Modulate the Pulse width with a triangle LFO, with a speed of around 1 Hz. This will set up our string-esque timbre.

    Filter: Band Pass. Raise the Cutoff so that it takes off a lot of low end, but also a bit of top end so it’s not unnaturally bright.

    Amp Envelope: Similar to layer 1.

    Chorus: Similar to layer 1.

    Reverb: Similar to layer 1.

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