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    James MichaelisDekunut99

    Hey, everyone! First time poster here. I’ve been trying to recreate the sound in the recurring pattern that starts around 0:56 in the video below:

    I know that he uses a lot of modular synths, so I don’t expect to replicate it, but I can’t seem to create anything even close.

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    September 4, 2020 at 11:28 am #37205
    Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

    Cool patch! You can hear a brighter version of it a few seconds before which is helpful in figuring it out. Try this:


    • Waveform: Saw
    • Unison: Four voices with Detune turned up enough to make it a little aggresive. 50% Width/Spread.


    • Type: Lowpass
    • Slope: 12 dB
    • Cutoff: Turn down until you get the right amount of roundness.
    • Res: Bring it up a bit to shape the sound and make it poke out a bit
    • Drive: If available, boost it heavily to bring in some serious warmth. This will also be achieved with a warm distortion (see below) so if you don’t have Drive, it’s ok.

    Amp Envelope

    • Description: A quick horn shape.
    • Quick Attack around 100 ms. This creates the horn-like attack. If your synth allows you to set the curve of the attack stage, make it so that it’s not perfectly straight but instead dips down in the middle a bit. Often referred to as “exponential”. This helps create the very sudden “swoop” attack
    • Sustain: 0
    • Very fast Decay/Release: 60 ms


    • Type: Tube-style. Something warm.
    • Drive/Amount: Pretty heavy. Between this and the Filter Drive you want a sound that’s warm, and also breaks up a bit. Kind of dirty. This may be achieved with one or both, but I found a combination sounds nice./li>


    • Size: Medium. Like a small Hall.
    • Wet: Wet enough to be heard, but not so wet that it consumes the sound. Reverb from a distance
    • Dampening: Bring down the highs a bit to create a round and warm reverb


    • Mode: Mono

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