• October 17, 2020 at 1:06 pm #37998
    Elizabeth MoonElizabeth Moon

    If anyone could help with this sound, I’d be immensely grateful.

    I’ve tried it on Sylenth, Serum and ES2 with varying results but am struggling to get the right tone to the sound, the sharpness of pluck and the darkness at a lower cut off combined with the resonance and sharpness at a higher cut off.

    The sound starts at 2.50

    Thank for any help in advance

    October 24, 2020 at 10:06 pm #38096
    Jonathan EppeleJonathan Eppele

    The movement in this patch was tricky, but I think I found a way to get that lower cutoff in the beginning combined with the sharper, more nasal, brighter notes in the mid-section. Let’s begin with the base sound:

    Osc: Square wave. You’ll see why to use this in a bit.

    Filter: Low Pass, 24 dB. At its minimum, it should be very round, almost sounding like a sine wave.

    Reverb: Small mix, medium-sized room, just to put some space around your sound. You can hear it in the patch.

    Delay: It’s subtle, but it’s there. Small mix, modest feedback. Timing is 1/8D (dotted eighth note). This isn’t available on Serum (what I recreated the patch on) so you’ll have to use the un-synced method.

    Filter Envelope: This is the only way I could get that little pop at the beginning of the notes. Very small amount, and very quick decay. Experiment with the settings to get something you like.

    Now for the fun part. To achieve the notes varying cutoffs and resonances and overall timbres, I routed an LFO to 3 destinations. Here’s what I did:

    Rate: 4 bars.

    Waveform: Triangle. I can hear the modulation moving up in 3 bars, and down in 1. So you should drag the peak to the right by one bar.

    Keep the LFO’s trigger off. Otherwise you’ll never be able to hear the movement.

    Route the LFO’s destination to the following: Pulse Width, Cutoff and Resonance.

    Modulating the Pulse Width gives the rounder notes on the bottom and the more nasal notes on top.

    Modulating the Cutoff allows for the brighter notes you hear on the track.

    Modulating the Resonance allows for the more focused sounds on top, that you hear along with the higher cutoff.

    Experiment with all of the LFO amounts until you find what you’re looking for.

    Let me know if this helps!

    October 26, 2020 at 3:17 am #38107
    Elizabeth MoonElizabeth Moon

    Thank you for your help. I had another go on Serum and tried modulating the resonance as well as the cut off which helped but hadn’t thought of modulating the pulse width. Also I may have been using too much reverb mix and delay mix. I’ll have another go later. Thanks again for your help.

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