• December 29, 2019 at 11:10 pm #31753
    Javis LoweJavis Lowe

    I’ve been trying to recreate the lead that plays the topline melody and the keys that are playing under it, but I haven’t really been able to get it right.

    Also, thanks for always taking the time to answer our posts.

    January 2, 2020 at 12:00 pm #31808
    Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

    I find these keyboard-style patches take a lot of fine-tuned tweaking to get them just right. Try starting with this:

    Lower Rhodes-style keys

    Voice Mode: Poly

    Oscillator: Saw.

    Filter: Low Pass 24. Turn the Cutoff down to get that nice round sound, and then turn up the Res quite a bit to get a pronounced mid-high peak. Turn up the Drive to warm it up. Enable key tracking to brighten up the higher notes.

    Amp Envelope: long Release so the notes ring out. Then, to give it a subtle attack transient, set the Sustain just shy of max, and then create a really fast decay, around 75 ms.

    LFO: We want a smooth S&H shape so that it randomly moves up and down. Serum’s Chaos oscillator works well for this. Route it to the oscillator’s pitch, with a very small amount. This will create a subtle out-of-tuneness to give it that subtle vintage flavor.

    Reverb: Big and a little wet.

    High string-like keys

    Voice mode: Poly

    Oscillators: To get the metallic string tone we’ll use FM. Set the carrier osc to sine, and the modulator osc to a thin pulse wave. Set the modulator’s pitch to 19 semitones, and turn up the FM amount a little bit.

    Mod Envelope: Route it to FM amount, crank the mod amount, set the Sustain to 0, and create a medium Decay, around 1600ms. This will cause to start with a brighter metallic tone, but become less intense as the note is held, much like how an actual string behaves.

    Sub-Oscillator: Triangle, turn it up pretty loudly, and set it 1 octave below the carrier oscillator. This will be the round body of our sound

    Filter: LowPass 24 dB. Turn the cutoff down to round it out. Then route the filter envelope to the cutoff, setting the sustain to 0, with a decay that’s the same length as the mod envelope. Give it a decent amount of mod amount, so that sound starts bright but rounds out over time.

    LFO: same as the other patch, but routed to all oscillators. This too will give it a slightly out of tune vibe.

    Reverb: Big and very wet

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