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    I really like this heavily distorted bass sound in this song. Ive tried to recreate it but mine is really overpowering and takes over the song, where the one in the song is full and thick but still sits nicely and is not super overpowering. It also has a really nice sizzle on the top end. Any help would be great!

    bass starts at 1:09

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    joehanleyJoe Hanley

    This one’s tricky. Sounds like two layers. Try this:

    Layer 1: Big bottom low end

    Oscillator: Square

    Filter: LowPass, 24 dB, Cutoff a little above Noon. Route Filter Envelope to the cutoff with a quick decay and a just a little amount, to give it a very subtle pluck attack.

    Amp Envelope: Medium release

    Voices: Mono

    Layer 2: Top bitcrushed noise (I used Massive for this)

    Oscillators: Saw Wave, and White Noise. Apply Unison to both oscillators, with a lot of voices, mild detune, and a wide spread.

    Bitcrusher: Crank it, and put it before the Filter if possible (Massive lets you do this in the Routing tab)

    Filter: Bandpass, pretty narrow, so medium to high resonance. Very high Cutoff.

    LFO: Modulate filter Cutoff with a saw wave, 1/8th rate. Small amount. You want the sound to be a very small hiss on the very top, that the LFO brings down just a little bit on each saw cycle.

    Amp Envelope: Medium release

    Voices: Mono

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    Thanks Joe, Gonna try this out this weekend and see what I can come up with!

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