• June 5, 2020 at 9:40 am #35554

    How do I recreate this chord at 1:02

    June 10, 2020 at 8:19 am #35657
    joehanleyJoe Hanley

    Tasteful patch. Try this:

    Oscillator: Pulse wave. Set the Pulse Width pretty close to a full square, but tweak it until you get the right vibe. Unison with about 6 voices, and full Width. The Unison’s Detune should be strong enough that it aaaalmost starts to sound a little pitchy. We want a kind-of aggressive wobble in the tone. Bonus: if your synth lets you set the start phase of the various unison oscillators, align them enough that you start to get a strong attack transient at the beginning of each note.

    Filter: Low Pass, 24 dB. Turn it down until you get that nice resting roundness. Boost the Res a decent amount to unflatten the tone. Then modulate the Cutoff with…

    Filter Envelope: Create the “peeow” sound with zero Sustain, and Decay around 550 ms. Then tweak the Filter Envelope Amount until the tone starts to match the recording. Bonus: route Velocity to the Filter Envelope Amount.

    Reverb: Big size, but just a little wetness. You still want the patch up front.

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