• October 29, 2019 at 7:56 am #30758
    matispiirMatis Piir


    This is my first post, yay!

    I made a warm oldschool bass patch this morning in Serum and figured it’s good to participate in and try to add to the community.

    I remember seeing Joes video on youtube few months ago about making analog bass, so I grasped the idea but made it my own, no doubt.

    1. Moog style saw wave.
    2. Drive the hell out of it but offset volume.
    3. Use tiny envelopes for subtle transient grit.
    4. Make use of bend warp to add extra body.
    5. Give life with vibrato and chaos.
    6. Then go crazy (smart) with routing to make yourself totally unpredictable.
    7. Practise makes perfect.

    You can check the sound here – https://soundcloud.com/azmamc/fat-bass-patch-loop/s-maP3m

    Patch is added in the attachments.

    Thanks for ya’ll time and attention.

    October 31, 2019 at 9:37 am #30785
    joehanleyJoe Hanley

    Nice work! Normally, I shy away from too much modulation on a bass, for fear I might lose the solid low end. But you managed to add that cool modulation, while still maintaining a sturdy low end. Also, I like that you used the bend in almost a subtle EQ capacity.


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