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    Ludvig HelgessonLudvig Helgesson


    First post here on the forum. Trying Syntorial currently and loving it..

    I need some help to figure out how to create this bass patch on serum. It’s from the lovely Cristoph track called “Big H”. The bass starts at 2:12.

    Thanks in advance

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    Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

    Nice bass patch. Try this:

    Oscillator 1: Pulse wave, medium pulse width. 2-voice unison, with enough detune to make it sound a little aggressive. Unison width should be a little wide.

    Oscillator 2: Same as Osc 1 but one octave higher

    Filter: 24 dB lowpass. Set the Cutoff around noon, and then modulate it with…

    Filter Envelope: Zero sustain and really quick decay and release to create an attack transient. Modest mod amount, just enough to create that aggressive pointed attack.

    Amp Envelope: Similar pluck shape as filter envelope but with longer decay and release so you can hear the sustain level of the filter envelope (the round tone).

    Voices: mono

    Delay: 1/8th note delay, and shift the right delay just slightly later so that you hear the delays in stereo. A little wet and a modest amount of feedback. The goal here is to hear the first delay clearly but quietly on the left and right edges of the stereo field.

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    Ludvig HelgessonLudvig Helgesson

    Thank you, definetely gonna try this!

    I think the amp and filter envelopes was giving me a bit of a hard time. The delay times can be tricky too.


    May 29, 2021 at 8:43 pm #43053
    Francesco BelfioreFrancesco Belfiore

    Lovely one, I used to make bassline like this one with Juno-106, the Sound of Chicago!

    Actually I do fat basses using MFB VCO/DCO module, beautiful (and cheap) module: following @Joe Hanley notes patch, try to use a single oscillator in DCO mode.

    Have fun!

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