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    Synth TalkSynthTalk

    Hey Joe and fellow Syntorialists,

    I’m on Module 9 of Syntorial and loving it so far.

    I had a question regarding this synth track from the Final Fantasy 7 (Remake):

    Would this track be difficult to make after completing Syntorial and achieving a 2 or 3 on each module? I have a good ear and good music theory knowledge, so figuring out the notes themselves wouldn’t be an issue. I’d be using Serum, Sylenth1, and Massive (and have the lesson packs for each).

    I’m assuming the vocal sounding track would be difficult to recreate and, of course, it was professionally mixed for the game, so sound fidelity may not be the same. But are these synth sounds on a different level?

    They seem a lot more complex than, say, this track (also from FF7R; may have spoilers so just listen to the music if you haven’t played):

    Curious for your thoughts. Thanks all!

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    January 5, 2022 at 9:57 am #46467
    Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

    Yes, you’ll be able to make those sounds. Most you’ll find you can design efficiently without a ton of experimentation. Some of the more complex ones will require more time and experimentation. But it’ll be much easier after going through Syntorial.

    I’d recommend starting Syntorial with the Serum pack loaded as it integrates directly into the core Syntorial lessons, so you’ll be learning how to use Serum as you go. And you may find that mose of those sounds can be made with just Serum.

    January 11, 2022 at 12:38 am #46627
    Synth TalkSynthTalk

    great! yeah, i go through each lesson and then do the massive, serum, and sylenth1 add-ons (might as well do them all in one go). it’s been great so far and relatively smooth.

    switching topics, what new features do you have planned for syntorial and when do you think you’ll roll them out?

    January 12, 2022 at 12:32 pm #46660
    Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

    2.0 details: https://syntorial.helpdocs.com/before-you-buy/syntorial-2-0

    We’re shooting for the summer.

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