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    Hi everyone, can someone help me with this very short melody I’m trying to recreate this song but I cannot figure out these high pitch notes and what type of instrument is used from 0:52 to 1:18, I know this group use Vox Phantom electric guitars but it could also be an electric keyboard, so any help with the notes especially would be appreciated and if you could recreate the melody and upload it to Soundcloud or YouTube so I download that would the best way.

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    joehanleyJoe Hanley

    Sounds like a synth. Try:

    Oscillator: Saw

    Filter: Low Pass, Cutoff a little above the mid-point, lots of Res, and some Key Tracking to make the higher notes a little brighter than the lower notes

    Unison: 2 voice, strong detune to make it wobble a bit

    Chorus: 50% mix, medium Rate, to spread it out and and make it a bit washy

    Delay: Go for a slapback effect by setting Mix around 50%, the Time to around 1/16th, and the Feedback pretty low so that you only get one or two delays

    As for the notes, the pattern is made up of 4 different notes: Two of them are Fs that are one octave apart, and in between an Ab and Bb. And it starts with:

    HighF LowF LowF Bb [rest] Ab

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    Thanks Joe I didn’t realise there was so much involved in that simple sound, I tried to do it msyelf but it didn’t sound right, and no clue a what those notes were, thanks again, I will upload my version of the song when it’s done.

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