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      Hey all,

      So I’m recording an instrumental cover of this for someone and have the synth parts down (programmed from scratch!) but I just can’t program the crash sound heard at :08 here:

      It’s played on the “4” of each measure of the main riff.

      I have Serum, Massive, and Sylenth1 at my disposal. Any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated. i’ve done all the other instruments and my deadline to provide the music is coming up!

      also, if you recommend any drum libraries for the actual drum sound itself, happy to take suggestions!

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        bump! i might not have gotten far enough in syntorial to program this crash yet but any assistance would be VERY helpful. all other synth tracks are done ^_^

        January 21, 2022 at 10:00 am #46844
        Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

          Try this:

          Noise: A simple white noise will do

          Amp Envelope: First use the Decay and Sustain to create a sharp attack transient to get an aggressive clap feel. Bring the Sustain down close to zero, and make the Decay really quick. Then crank up the Volume. Then increase the Release. Now play a short note. It should have an aggressive start, with a medium-length tail like the recording.

          Filter: Lowpass, 24 dB slope. Give it a decent amount of Res, and then bring the Cutoff down until it starts to get the same shape. You’ll have to tweak both the Cutoff and Res to get it just right.

          Distortion: Bring in some nice warm Tube-style distortion to make sure it’s loud enough and more aggressive. But not enough that it starts to break up and get gritty. We just want some oomph here.

          January 23, 2022 at 1:46 pm #46879
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            Thank you, thank you!! Looking forward to trying this out.

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