• August 22, 2018 at 12:51 pm #18099

      There seem to be two main synths in this track.

      I’m asking for help with the brighter, less filtered sound. The sound appears right at 0:00, and is present throughout the entire track.


      August 24, 2018 at 4:05 pm #18207

        Hey Xerseich,

        To me it sounds like the same chord played over two octaves with one synth, maybe two octaves apart.
        As for the texture, it could be a sample-based synth with slow pitch and LPF modulation (random LFO) + occasional intense bends. Additionnal sidechain compression from the kick makes it fit in the beat.

        What makes the interest of it is its imperfection, so I’m not sure it would be very compelling to try and recreate it with substractive synthesis. Maybe Joe will prove me wrong ­čÖé

        August 28, 2018 at 10:47 am #18405
        Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

          I agree with Groov. This is definitely sample based. Looking at Kartir’s Soundcloud, he mentioned “tape loops”. That being said, layering samples and synths is something I’ve been really interested in lately, so…

          I recreated both the round and bright layer. It’s tough to recreate one without the other because they’ll always effect each other. So I started with the round one and then made the bright one. The round one is synth-only, while the bright one is a combination of synth and sample. In the recording you’ll hear both round and bright patches, then just the bright patch, and lastly just the bright patch minus the sample.

          It’s close, not exact. But like Groov said, this sample-based-approach is about bringing in imperfect and organic texture. So really, what’s interesting here is how things mix together and how we can insert imperfection into our patch.

          How It’s Made (the bright one)

          • Synth: Serum
          • Oscillator 1: Saw, pitch raised 12 semitones (1 octave), 6 voice unison, decent amount of detune, with 50% width
          • Oscillator 2: Thin Pulse wave, pitch raised 19 semitones (1 octave plus 7 semitones), 6 voice unison, decent amount of detune, 50% width
          • Noise: Used this for the sample Horns Of Fear, with the pitch raised 45%
          • Filter: LP 12, Cutoff 949 Hz, Decent amount of Res
          • Modulation: Chaos 1 routed to Master Tune to create that occasional out-of-tuneness. Slow rate. Chaos 2 as an Aux source, with S&H enabled and even slower rate. This way, the Chaos 1 out-of-tuneness only kicks in once in a while.
          • FX: Chorus with medium-slow rate and 50% mix. Reverb plate, with medium size, no pre-delay, medium width, 50% wet

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