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    Chad MalloyChad Malloy


      Any help would be appreciated – I am having trouble replicating these plucks.

      Here are the chords that I think sound the closest to the chord progression
      starting with the root note (bass note)
      First 4 Measures Second 4 Measures
      A# A A A# A A C
      G >>>>>G >>>>>F >>>>> G >>>>>G >>>>>F >>>>>F
      D D D D D D D
      G F A# G F A# A#

      The video attached is of Deadmau5 opening up old project files. In the description there’s a time stamp for FAXING BERLIN. He exposes the synth he used (Strobe 2 by Fxpansion) This is the synth I am using to try and replicate the sound. I have watched a lot of YouTube videos on how to make this sound. I understand and have made the basic filter modulation being done with an lFO on the VCF to get your basic deadmau5 plucks but watching the video I see that his envelope modulation isn’t playing at a fixed rate like most LFO’s. I could be wrong but It looks like he’s modulating the VCF with something other than an LFO. I also noticed he’s not using any side chain compression to achieve his “Pumping Rhythm”. Most people will just go straight to SideChain compression to get that pumping but after watching Deadmau5 Video you can see he’s achieving this with just modulation. Im wondering what kinds of modulation is going on to avoid having to use typical side chain compression. Thanks !

      Also deadmau5 explained these plucks are done in MONO

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      Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

        Can you post a clip of your version? It would help to hear the difference.

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