• October 1, 2018 at 11:23 pm #20549
    Jonathan CowlesJon

    I would love some help trying to figure out this angelic fluttery pad/lead that comes in at 1:08.
    Any chance this is additive synthesis? Where in the world is that LFO going?

    Angelic Fluttery Sound


    November 5, 2018 at 11:30 am #21409
    Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

    Interesting patch. The modulating audio and filter, combined with a little distortion, creates a swelling saturation that comes and goes. It really gives it an extra dimension.

    How It’s Made

    • Synth: Primer
    • Oscillators. Osc 1: Square wave. Osc 2: Square wave, pitched up 12 semitones. Set Mix to 90% Osc 2, so we’re mostly getting that higher pitch, with a little low end brought in from Osc 1.
    • Unison: 2 Voice, full Spread and medium Detune. This is more for creating a really wide sound, not so much for creating pulsation
    • Filter: Low Pass, Cutoff around Noon, with a decent amount of Res. To be modulated by…
    • Filter Envelope: Very small amount, as when we later add the distortion it will add brightness, essentially accentuating the filter movement. Quick-ish attack at 560ms, very long release so that it hangs in a brighter state when we let go of the key
    • Amp Envelope: Attack at 93 ms to give us a subtle swell in, Release at 3150 ms to create a nice long note
    • LFO: This is our wobble. It’s quick and aggressive Tremolo. Route to Volume, Triangle Wave, with a really high Amount, and very quick Rate. Poly Mode so that each new note doesn’t reset the previous note’s wobble. And Trig on, so that each note starts the same
    • Voices: Poly, 2 voices. This way each note will overlap the previous, but will only allow up to 2 overlapping notes, so that it doesn’t get too messy
    • Distortion: we don’t need a ton, as we’re just looking for subtle, tubey break up when the sound is at it’s loudest and two notes overlap
    • Chorus: Blends the whole thing into a washy spread. Medium Rate at about 2 Hz, 50/50 Mix.
    • Delay: we want a fairly noticeable trail of echos to really send the sound off into the distance. About 40% Wet, full Spread for really wide echos, medium feedback so we can hear the trail, and pretty quick Rate/Time.
    • Reverb: Medium Size, 25% Wet. We’re putting it in a fairly big room
    November 10, 2018 at 5:59 pm #21532
    Jonathan CowlesJon

    Thank you!! This sounds great, the subtle distortion makes such a huge difference.

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