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    Willy Nolanwillynolan

    Firstly, other than bass, do monophonic synths have real uses? It seems like such a prohibitive limitation to not be able to play chords. I know there are sort of ways around this, but only one voice at a time seems like it would only work in bass lines. Is this the case? Are any lead sounds in modern electronic music made with a monophonic synth?

    Furthermore, if I wanted to buy a “simple” hardware based polyphonic synth, with oscillator waveforms like the classic SW synths (Sylenth, Hive, Diva, Primer) and a functional keyboard (but not spend $4,000) – used or new, do I have options?

    In terms of analog hardware, I really can only find one classic “East Coast” polyphonic subtractive synth with a keyboard currently being manufactured (the Prophet line).

    The Korg Mini has too small of a keyboard and only one voice, the Moog Voyager only has one voice, The Virus seems harder to use…and I am out of ideas after that.

    January 27, 2021 at 11:57 am #40417
    Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

    I’d say Bass is the most common use, but yes you can definitely use a mono synth for leads. I typically put a poly synth in mono mode when I’m making a lead anyway, often so I can take advantage of portamento.

    For polyphonic hardware synths that don’t cost a ton see here. It’s sorted from the lowest price to highest and you’ll see there are a decent amount below 1K.

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    Willy Nolanwillynolan

    Thank you good sir!

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