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    David De SanctisDavid De Sanctis

    How do I recreate the bass from tchamis promesses? I know that is an fm bass, but I cannot seem to get it right.



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    Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

    I love this bass! And it’s tricky. I thought it might be FM as well but I got much closer without it. Try this:

    Osc 1: Square wave. 2-voice unison with very little detune and a lot of width. You don’t want any smear or wobble from the unison, just the width. This will create that low and wide solid bass end.

    Osc 2: Saw wave. 3 octaves higher. 2-voice unison with no width and pretty aggressive detune. This will create that higher-pitched wobbly tone.

    Filter: 24 dB low pass. Crank the drive. Bring the cutoff down to the mid-range, to be modulated by…

    Filter Envelope: We’re going for a subtle pluck shape. 0 sustain, and kind of quick decay and release around 550 ms. A modest amount of modulation. This will create a subtle and bright attack on the sound.

    Amp Envelope: Also a pluck like the Filter Envelope with similar settings. Except, if you can change the curve of the decay and release stages, make them linear so that the note holds a bit longer before cutting off kind of abruptly.

    Compression: Pretty heavy, maybe about 6 dB worth of compression to squeeze the sound.

    EQ: Boost the low end.

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