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    Pedro AyalaPedroaya2

      At minute 2-03 a kind of flute with modulation appears. I would like to know if there is a preset or how to build this sound from scratch

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      Joe HanleyJoe Hanley

        Ooh. This is a really nice patch. Unique too. Try two layers:

        LAYER 1: Tone


        • Waveform: Square
        • Unison: Three voices, full stereo spread, with Detune turned up just enough to separate the voices enough to be spread out.


        • Type: Lowpass
        • Slope: 24 dB
        • Cutoff: Turn down until it matches the tone. A medium roundness that still allows for some brightness


        • Description: A quick swell.
        • Attack: Create the swell in. Depends on the synth but somewhere around 200-300 ms. If your synth allows it set the curvature of this stage so that it dips downward. This will make it swell up more suddenly
        • Sustain: 0
        • Decay/Release: As soon as the Attack ends this should bring it down pretty quick. Try around 400-500 ms


        • Rate: 1/8ths
        • Wet: Not too much. This will mix in with the upcoming reverb to create a subtle background tail to the sound


        • Size: Medium. Like a Hall.
        • Wet: Pretty wet. Kind of wash out the sound.

        LAYER 2: Noise – This is what creates the flute character by adding a breathiness


        • Waveform: White Noise
        • Unison: Two voices, full stereo spread

        Amp Envelope, Delay, and Reverb

        • Same as layer 1


        • Waveform: Triangle
        • Rate: 16th
        • Destination: Volume
        • Delay: Turn this up enough that the sound will be allowed to complete amp envelope before the LFO kicks in.

        Mod Wheel

        • Route this to Amp Envelope Sustain. Keep it down. Then after the Amp Envelope completes, turn it up to bring the noise back in, and at this point it will also be modulating courtesy of the LFO

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