August 30, 2020 at 9:57 pm #37087
Jonathan EppeleJonathan Eppele


I’m not the Keymaster himself but I gave recreating this patch a try with Sylenth1. I focused on the section of the song between 2:18 and 3:19. Here’s what I did:

Osc 1: Medium Pulse

Sub Osc: Square Wave

Amp Env: Instant/very short release. As long as you play the notes short it shouldn’t muddy the track.

Filter: Low pass, 24 dB, cutoff is quite low.

Filter Env: Very short decay and release. Envelope amount is around 10 o’clock in Primer. Crank up the resonance knob a bit, too.

Unison: 6 voices, very heavy detune. Spread is very wide.

Distortion: Overdrive (the same distortion style Syntorial uses, IIRC), crank it up pretty high to get that grungy sound, but not so high that the sound becomes nasty.

Reverb: Large room, quite wet.

The section of the song I focused on had a lot going on with the cutoff and the resonance. Both changed a lot but didn’t seem to change together, so my guess is that the Mod Wheel controls resonance and the Velocity controls cutoff.

Velocity: Cutoff. I found that if you set the cutoff too low, the notes start to sound out of tune.

Mod Wheel: Resonance. Don’t be afraid to really crank it high for those notes with the huge filter envelope decay. Be warned that on notes with lower cutoff, it doesn’t sound as nice.

My patch doesn’t sound perfect compared to the song, but I’ve attached the file below. In particular, the resonant notes seem to have fewer highs so the Velocity destination might be the Filter Envelope instead (not available in Sylenth).

I’m sure Joe can iron out the kinks in this though ­čśŤ